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Your Inner Alchemy

Dr. Corina Dunlap’s highest touch program—a collective of female souls who together aspire to not only elevate their health but also enrich their entire lives. 

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 Naturopathic Approach
 Group Support
 1:1 Individualized Care

Welcome to a new way of nurturing women's health.

Conventional wisdom will have us believe that if we just find the right doctor or the best therapy that our health problems will resolve. But as powerful as 1:1 care with a top provider can be…this model of care will always be lacking. Because it misses a critical piece of our feminine healing power: 

The sanctuary and insights that come from being held in the inspiring presence of other phenomenal women.

Your Inner Alchemy combines the personalized touch of 1:1 naturopathic care with the power of an intimate and safe group container of high-performing women looking to unlock their next level of well-being.

Who this program is for

Your Inner Alchemy is designed for women who believe in science and modern medicine and also want a more holistic, feminine, and intuitive approach. It's for...

  • Moms who want to become an inspiration to their children
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with restored energy and balance
  • Leaders who want to guide from a place of grounded and intuitive expression
  • Professionals who want to raise their vibration to create a ripple effect throughout their entire lives

If you are deeply driven to level up your health and open to the possibility that getting different results will require you to show up differently…

Although our program is at full capacity right now, we'd love for you to join us in the future. Feel free to add your name to our waitlist below. In the meantime, we are offering personalized consultations exclusively through Dr. Deane's Signature Offering. For more details on this special opportunity, please click here.

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I'm Dr. Corina Dunlap

It was as I sat, journal in hand, the Tuscan sun warming my soul, that I sought guidance on how to evolve in serving the health journeys of women.

At the time, I had a full practice and a long waitlist of new patients in need of care.

I had served thousands of women with naturopathic medicine and built a dedicated following as an expert in women’s health and hormones.

But I also knew something was missing.

In that moment in Tuscany, I was on a retreat surrounded by other beautiful souls in a space of collective feminine energy. The level of support was one hundred times stronger than I had ever experienced one on one.

I knew that I needed to create a safe space like that for the women I serve.

Because the witnessing and learning that comes from sharing in an intimate, safe group of like-minded and high-performing women can initiate profound growth—exponentially and at hyper speed.

Inside Your Inner Alchemy

We will hold space for each other.

We will reclaim the balance on our terms.

We will each be a light and a fire to guide others.

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Introducing Your Inner Alchemy

Your Inner Alchemy guides you to understand your health and hormones from a logical to an intuitive level so that you ultimately tap into the deepest knowledge of what your body needs to be healthy—both now and as time goes on. You’ll have monthly 1:1 consults with Dr. Dunlap + an group session every month.


We start by opening up the body map. This is when we use tech and tools to uncover your unique body patterns.

  • Advanced Testing
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Tracking & Systems


Here's where we create conditions for healing, remove obstacles to health, and begin to deepen health practices.

  • Clean Eating Program
  • Cultivating the Terrain
  • Moving Beyond Thresholds


At this phase, we begin to shed the tech and hold space to listen and trust intuition and inner guidance. 

  • Welcome Inner Knowing
  • New Body Imprint
  • Reclaiming Balance
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Reimagining Your Life

Your life BEFORE joining

  • You invest countless hours and thousands of dollars on piecemeal care strategies from top experts in the field without getting the results you desire.
  • You feel dismissed by the medical system and told your only option is a pill or an antidepressant. 
  • You deal with physical discomforts because you don’t want to take medications that mask your symptoms.
  • You self-medicate with sugar, caffeine, or alcohol even though you know it only makes things worse. 
  • You’re holding it together on the outside, but you know your health is holding you back from living out your fullest life.
  • You put up with unexplained symptoms because you’ve been made to believe it’s “just your hormones.”

Your life AFTER joining

  • You experience exponential growth and sustained healing through the synergy of sophisticated 1:1 care + an intimate group container.
  • You feel seen, heard, and held by a safe, supportive, and high-vibe group of women.
  • You’ve discovered the root-cause patterns beneath your “hormonal problems” and no longer just put up with them
  • You feel like your best self—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • You listen to what your body needs intuitively and move out of unhelpful old patterns for good. 
  • You show up with authentic energy, radiating true health from the inside out.

What's Included

Your Inner Alchemy is an all-inclusive health optimization program that holds a healing container and safe space for you for an entire 6 months. Here's what's included:

What our patients are saying

Angela S.

"Dr. Corina is the doctor of my dreams. She seeks to support the body systems naturally and uses the best tests to map out what is happening inside your specific body and works with you to help heal it. She truly does all the overanalyzing and overthinking, so you don't have to." 

Morgan B.

"Dr. Dunlap is by far the best doctor I have ever worked with. She takes the time to get to know you and what issues you are struggling to resolve. Her methods are extremely effective, and I have noticed a huge difference in my overall health. I am so grateful I began working with Dr. Dunlap." 

Gwynne G.

"I've had a great experience with Dr. Dunlap. I love her holistic and personalized approach. She is kind, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. But. more importantly, her treatment was really effective for me. Can't recommend her enough!" 

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